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Sexy Female Strippers from VIP Strippers

*We can guarantee all of our girls, right down to their tattoos seen in the pictures. Don’t be taken- do not book with an agency that won’t give you a guarantee of what you’re getting- we can. Call us on it- request a girl, and watch us DELIVER.* That is our dedication to our customers; and that is how we are beating the competition. We are co-booking with VIP Entertainment Inc.


New England Strip prides itself on customer satisfaction. Our business philosophy is that advertising is expensive; therefore, the best kind of advertising one can have is by doing the job right the first time. If you treat your customers fairly and deal with them honestly, then they will be appreciative in turn with repeat business. Building a name that is synonymous with quality, New England Strip is adamant on this point: We would rather NOT perform at a show, and then send a girl who is not of quality to handle it.” Other agencies will leap at the opportunity to send talent that they do not have to pay a cent for, to shows, to maximize profit margin. But utilizing the top talent in the Northeast, New England Strip cuts its’ take on each show greatly- but our customers are coming back time and time again.  Hottest strippers

New England Strip hires ONLY feature and top-shelf entertainers from local nightclubs. Such is evident in the visible quality of the talent on our website. If you’re viewing this page right now, chances are you’re the customer that has taken the time to scout around. Simple side by side comparisons of our talent/prices versus our competitors speak volumes. If you’re supposedly receiving ’10’s’ at a price that is ridiculously low, then you’d better prepare yourself for a disappointment. Ask other companies to guarantee SPECIFIC girls, as we can, and do. Other companies won’t promise specific girls for several reasons:

A) It is a logistical nightmare to schedule and coordinate specific girls to specific shows.
B) If their talent was worth showcasing, they would guarantee it. They can’t- PERIOD.

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